Flo-gineering has extensive experience in developing Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems that suit each client’s requirements and budget.

CIP systems are used in numerous areas but the main purpose is to remove solids and bacteria from tanks, vessels and pipework in the food, dairy, beverage, brewery, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology processing industries.

Our staff has wide educational and practical experience qualifications that enable Flo-gineering to offer specialized integration of CIP and processing requirements.

By combining the features of double-seat valve technology with the reliability and flexibility of PLC control, the operator is able to be aware of the status of the plant at all times.

We offer a wide range of services from conceptual design, detailing, system provision through to final commissioning for proper integration of process and CIP operations to ensure:

  • A hygienically clean system with a practical degree of automation to ensure repeatable operations and total product protection
  • Rational automation in a simplified manner A clean system promotes Batch Integrity which is extremely important in regulated food related or biotech industries
  • The exclusion of competitive or contaminating organisms in clean processing environments is a critical factor in eliminating the need for product recalls. Reliable removal of process soils as well as the chemical solutions used.
  • Improved operator safety through minimizing handling of chemical solutions
  • Operator control panels with centralized PLC monitoring
  • A marked reduction in downtime for product changeover routines
  • A significant increase in overall plant utilization