Flo-gineering has been at the forefront of developing cost-effective flow metering and data acquisition systems for stationary and mobile installations for over 20 years. Our automated systems reduce product waste and operational man-hours and provide certified accuracy of volumes collected. The data transfer operation allows factories to consolidate data in seconds and reduce the need for manual data entries and the possibility of human errors that can occur.


  • Provides accurate and independent measurement of milk collected and discharged. Our system is the only system that has passed the stringent National Measurement Institute certification
  • Data Acquisition stores supplier, date, time, volume, temperature, distance etc which is wirelessly uploaded to factory EDP for evaluation for payment, quality control, route management and so on
  • Modular design to suit specific client requirements
  • Can be installed on new or existing tankers
  • Eliminates the vagaries of dipsticks and reduces milk losses
  • Saves valuable collection time as no data is recorded by the driver
  • Automatic representative sampling using patented PS Sampling System gives accurate samples without extended agitation
  • Data Download from factory to supplier of previous lab results, messages and other data as required
  • Built-in GSM-modem for data transfer between the tanker and the dairy
  • Bubble detector that detects air bubbles during the pump in process to ensure correct pump speed
  • Mobile data collection computer with built-in GPS-system for registering of supplier and destination

Dairy specific:

Antibiotic test integrated in the truck
The antibiotic testing system (EZ Lite Reader) can be installed on each truck of the fleet or at the farm and can be connected to our flow metering system sending results, milk collection data and truck performance metrics data to a computer application. A positive result would cause the computer to not allow the milk to be collected.