Custom Design, Fabrication, Installation, Inspection, Upgrade, Optimization and Modification of Filling & Packaging Systems


  • Fabrication, sizing and selection of custom made and off the shelf products
  • Modification and customization of Bottle, Tube and Powder filling and packaging devices
  • Product inspection software and process inspection systems
  • Engineering solutions and optimization of bagging, filling, capping, sealing and labelling units
  • Regulatory and compliance assessment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce packaging and filling time
  • Integrated CIP and COP systems
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability (No-over / under fill or sealing defects)
  • User-friendly programming system
  • Capable of filling variety of products with variety of viscosity
  • Simultaneous Filling, Cap Sealing and Labelling
  • Blending capacity
  • Weighing and metal detection capacity
  • Wide range of working Temperatures (4- 150 degree)
  • Auger, pump and gravity filling options
  • Working with variety of bottle material (Glass to HDPE)
  • Variety of tables and conveyors systems
  • Various levels of automation
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Ensure the hygiene and safety of process & products
  • Production and operation cost saving
  • Durable and long-lasting units
  • Competitive prices



Food & Beverage
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic