Flo-gineering has been the market leader in the development of flow metering and data acquisition systems for stationary and mobile installations for over 30 years. We are the Australian distributor for both Poul Tarp A/S and GEA Diessel GmbH. Our flow metering systems can be installed in new or existing tankers. All systems we provide are approved for trade use and have passed the stringent National Measurement Institute certification.


  • Provides accurate and independent measurement of milk collected and discharged.
  • Eliminates the inaccuracies of dipsticks and reduces milk losses.
  • Saves valuable collection time as no data is manually recorded by the operator.
  • Automatic sampling for both supplier and load provided.
  • The data transfer operation allows factories to consolidate data in real time and reduce the need for manual data entries and the possibility of human error that can occur.

Key features

  • Bubble detector that detects air bubbles during the collection process to ensure correct pump speed providing better accuracy and higher flow rates.
  • Pressure sensor to detect vacuum that can cause cavitation which could lead to inaccurate volumes and damage to the equipment and product.
  • Temperature sensor to monitor and record product temperature.
  • Receipt printer to allow printing of supplier and load dockets.
  • Barcode printer for printing of sample bottle labels.
  • In built GPS for tracking, supplier identification and factory location.

By combining our Charm EZ Lite Reader and Poul Tarp metering system on your milk collection tanker the operator is able to perform antibiotic testing at any supplier before collection takes place. If a result is positive this information will be sent in real time to our reporting application (MTC). With this technology possible contamination can be avoided, saving both time and money.