The Milk Transport Computer System (MTC) is an IT system which is used at the dairy to registrate and collect data that are communicated between the milk tanker and the dairy.
The MTC system’s functions are:

  • Handling on incoming registrations
  • Report of the milk collections
  • Report on where to find the cars
  • Handling data communications between the milk truck, driver and supplier via GPRS or key-reader
  • Handling of analysis results from the laboratory to the supplier via the MTC system and S12 computer
  • Handling of export and import data to and from existing payment systems

The MTC can handle more than one dairy at the time:
A transport company can collect milk for different dairies with the same tankers. Each dairy has their own database and their individual interfaces to other IT-systems.
Local installation or Cloud solution:
The MTC system can be delivered as a local installation or as a Cloud solution where the dairy can connect to the system through a website.