The TOC II computer– Transportation and Office Communicator is placed in the driver cabin, and is wireless connected via GPRS/3G to the MTC IT Cloud system at the office. Information regarding routes, orders, mail/messages and registrations are automatically transmitted between the TOC II and the MTC – no printed lists or paper work for the driver.
The TOC II Computer is specially designed and developed for use in trucks. It´s rugged construction makes it very resistant towards temperature fluctuations, vibrations, humidity and variations in power supply. The TOC II Computer has touch screen and is based on Windows 8. The TOC II Computer can handle different peripheral equipment for collecting the necessary data to the MTC IT Cloud system.
The TOC II Computer is connected to the office MTC system via GPRS/3G, showes information and handles registrations for the driver as:

  • Driver identification
  • Route selection
  • Navigation
  • Connected with the S12 computer in the pump cabinet
  • Shows the registrations of the collected milk to the driver
  • Messages to/from the driver/office
  • Entering data manually
  • Registration of time
  • Registration of km
  • CAN BUS interface
  • Back camera monitor