Flo-gineering is well-known in providing practical solutions for end-to-end industrial process optimization to enhance the quality of products, increase the productivity of the plant and reduce the operation cost for numerous food processing plants around Australia.


  • Remote and real-time monitoring, prognostics asset health management and failure forecasting
  • for suboptimal utilization of asset and reduction of overall services costs
  • Assist you to align operational objectives with project objectives to maximize the value from automation systems and improve the return on investment through the plan’s lifecycle.
  • Design and implements the most effective target operating model
  • Modernization, optimization, and expansion of processing plants
  • Identification of savings potential in production
  • Projects optimization from planning to commissioning
  • Innovative solutions to optimize the operation of complex production systems, which incorporate human, financial, resources, and raw materials and energy aspects.
  • Development of data analysis systems to measure yield of raw materials implement efficiency improvement and loss reduction programs
  • Avoid any unscheduled and costly asset downtime
  • Reduction of operation & maintenance costs
  • Reduction of products change overs time
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Asset uptime improvement.
  • Reduction of energy and chemical consumption
  • Reduction of trade-waste.
  • Quick and high return of investment
  • Professional and qualified personnel with hands-on experience
  • Improving product consistency



Food & Beverage
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic