We provide independent professional inspection, testing, calibration, verification and certification services on a broad range of food processing projects.


  • Implementing versatile inspection methods to evaluate the condition, reliability and serviceability of your pipelines, tanks, pumps, filling & packaging units and processing systems.
  • On-site inspection and testing services using adaptable and advanced methods to identify any failure, conduct root cause analysis and perform trouble shooting.
  • Conducting NDT on your Stainless steel pipelines, tanks and structure to ensure that they are defect-free and safe.
  • Provide approval and certification for pipelines, processing systems and filling & packaging units.
  • Troubleshoot processing, mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Maintain traceability of the testing and commissioning operations and controls.
  • Identify, analyse and provide information of any problems to all stakeholders.
  • Monitor daily progress of work completed.
  • Ensure all safety requirements are met.
  • Inspection of products for compliance with a broad scope of Australian and international standards and a wide range of Australian Technical Specifications.
  • Conducting performance attests and performance comparisons
  • justification for receiving ‘authorisation for use’ for products not covered by an existing specification
  • investigations of product or system failures.
  • Enforce a high level of technical integrity in evaluation.
  • Keep client updated when performing testing and commissioning activities.
  • Most comprehensive range of the testing and engineering assessments to standards that cover electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and chemical systems and devices.
  • Independent, objective and cost-effective testing, evaluation and certification scheme.
  • Comply with the strictest requirements and can assure our clients of the best quality at all times
  • Certified and competent inspectors and test engineers are certified according



Food & Beverage
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic